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Bancassurance is a collaboration between banks and insurance companies in marketing insurance products or a combination of insurance and bank products to bank customers. That is why, working with trusted partners and experts in the insurance industry, We can offer you a suitable product meeting your need, preference and plan.



1. PT Equity Life Indonesia               

Multi Benefit Protection

It is a life insurance product that guarantees lifelong protection with various benefits and investment value, with benefits that increase every year accompanied by an attractive rate of return from Investment Funds which are managed professionally by Investment Managers. Multi Benefit Protection guarantees the continuity and welfare of your family.




Benefits Of Death

Life insurance + an additional 1% per year from the initial sum insured starting in the 2nd year which is formed at the time of death

Died Due to Accident

2 x life insurance + an additional 1% per year from the initial sum insured starting in the 2nd year which was formed at the time of death + the investment value formed

Diagnosed Critical Illness

Critical illness coverage (without reducing life insurance)

Total Permanent Disability

Exemption of premium payments due after the risk of total permanent disability occurs

End Benefit

Life insurance money 100% + investment value formed if you live up to the age 100 years

For an explanation of the benefits, see the policy provisions




2. PT Chubb Life Indonesia               

Cancer Care Protection

Cancer Care Protection is a Life Insurance product that is presented by Chubb Life Indonesia for you by providing protection benefits for the risk of cancer and premium returns in the event of a risk of death and/or remaining alive at the end of period.


  1. Benefits of Death
    A 100% refund of the premium that has been paid.
  2. Cancer Benefits
    • 25% of the Sum Insured if diagnosed with Early Stage Cancer
    • 100% of the Sum Insured if diagnosed with Advanced Stage Cancer (minus the Sum Insured previously paid)
  3. Insurance End Benefit
    100% Premium Refund at the end of the 10th year if there is no claim